Sensor for automatic visitors and passing by people calculation and analysis

Countico sensor tracks the number of visitors passing by and entering the store.

This will allow you to analyze the quality of the ongoing advertising campaign and benefits of current location.

Countico can analyze people by age, gender and other criterias

Countico will be installed in your area just in 3 days.
How is Countico installation be beneficial for you?
Analyze the effectiveness of your employees 24/7
You will be able to track the performance of your staff.
Data digitization
You will see real-time analytics and track the number of visitors and traffic passing your store online.
This will allow you to see the location evolution in time and the quality of the ongoing advertising campaign.
The stored statistics about the location will allow you ake right decisions on the advantage of current location
Increase profits and attract new customers
Based on the analysis, it will be clear what day is more suitable for a discount or a promotion for certain social groups.
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For just €360 you can get Countico and install it in your enterprise

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